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  2017 - Kaolin Processing Plant, USA , :: Distributor: NIVELCO USA LLC
A major producer of Kaolin in the Southeastern USA was experiencing ongoing failure of a major competitor’s ultrasonic level transmitters used to monitor slurry level in their filter vats. The customer contacted NIVELCO USA for a solution. The EasyTREK SPA-38N-4 transmitter seemed to fit the customer’s demanding application requirements. Not only does this customer like the reliable performance of their EasyTREK, but they also like the ease of configuration using the UNICOMM SAT-304-0 HART-USB modem and EVIEW2 software.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-38N-4
      UNICOMM SAT-304-0

292,546Read more ... Kaolin Processing Plant, USA  


  2017 - ASFiNAG, Salt Silo, Austria, :: Distributor: Göth Solutions GmbH
In recent years ASFiNAG built new salt silos. The silos are 6m diameter with 12m height and will be used for about 350 m³/h salt. Our solution is a complete solution with a local display, damped to get a stable level, integrated in the local ASFiNAG control system to get an overview of the salt levels. The system has an EchoTREK STD-33J-4 with a display unit in it what has been working without any problems for 2 years, and hopefully they will be used in some of the other hundreds of salt silos in Austria.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD-33J-4
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  2016 - Nirlat, Israel, :: Distributor: Technomad Industrial Instruments and Control Ltd.
Nirlat is one of the largest and leading Israeli industrial companies specializes in the development, and manufacture paint, decorative paint, powder, surface preparation compounds and sealants. Nowadays, as part of Israel south region development, Nirlat’s factory is replacing old production lines with new ones including all level transmitters & switches.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-34J-4 – 4 pcs
      PiloTREK WPM-140-8 Ex – 12 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKH-502-5 Ex – 12 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKR-510-5 Ex – 4 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-406-9 Ex – 8 pcs
      NIVOCAP CKV-115-5 Ex – 4 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-4 – 2 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-3 – 4 pcs
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  2016 - Thermal oil boiler-houses, Napal Ltd., Estonia, :: Distributor: Standel AS
Thermal oil boiler-houses are using petroleum products which are replacing the less economical steam boiler plants. In these thermal oil boiler houses there are more than 40 NIVELCO manufactured high temperature type MicroTREK guided wave level transmitters used for monitoring and control thermal oil level in different height and shaped oil tanks.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK – 40 pcs

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  2016 - Stone crushing and asphalt plant, Malmö, Sweden, :: Distributor: Afriso Ema AB
In case of level measurement of solid materials such as crushed stone with various granular sizes, the coning or arching is a general feature caused by the filling and emptying process. This effect needs to be carefully considered in order to achieve appropriate level measurement. Optimising the aiming by the SAA-102 joystick – which is an integrated part of the EchoTREK STD/SBD 300 series transmitters – is really advantageous in these situations.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD/SBD-300 – 27 pcs

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  2016 - Granule silo, Wolf Plastic, Hungary,
WOLF PLASTIC plastics processing company in Fertőszentmiklós prepares its products in the best tested ways of injection moulding and blow moulding procedure, such as storage containers, watering cans, other household items, and a wide variety of different garden tools. The equipped level transmitters continuously measuring the level in the silos and transmit the measured values to the MultiCONT signal processing module which transmitted the data to a PC. The MultiCONT unit allows the display of the measured values and the remote programming of the level transmitters. NIVISON process visualization software made by NIVELCO is installed to the central PC that offers a wide range of visualization elements of the measured and limit values for the factory management and to employees.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-33J-4 - 12 db
      NIVOSONAR SFA-355-0 - 12 db
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1 - 4 db
      MultiCONT PRC-2MA-1 - 1 db
      NIVISION folyamatmegjelenítő szoftver

277,639Read more ... Level measurement in the plastic granules silo – Hungary  


  2016 - Lumber treating plant, Arch Wood Protection, Minnesota USA, :: Distributor: Process Measurement and Control Company (PMCC)
A lumber pressure treating company in Minnesota had issues with their non-contact radar level measurement product and contacted Process Measurement & Control Company to discuss the application and seek a solution. The lumber pressure treating company has several process tanks with a high percentage of water vapor in the tank vapor space that was condensing on the radar antenna. It was determined that excessive condensation began to form on the antenna of the radar transmitter, which caused unacceptable measurement error. After multiple re-programming attempts, it was recommended that guided microwave MicroTREK transmitters be installed as a replacement.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK Guided Microwave Level Transmitters


  2016 - Fuel depot, Nelsa, Italy, :: Distributor: Isoil Industria Spa
In the facility of Nelsa - a company owned by MOL group - hydrocarbons fuels (gasoline and diesel) and oil for heating plants (kerosene, BTZ: low sulfur fuel oil) are stored. It was the requirement of the established system to ensure real-time monitoring of products with a continuous record of stocks. In addition, an alarm system is connected to prevent theft and unauthorized withdrawals. The MicroTREK level transmitters are measure two diesel and two low sulphur fuel oil storage tank, both 13 metres high, while the seven diesel fuel tank is much lower. All level transmitter and the MultiCONT are explosion-proof models as the environment is explosive hazardous.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTT-413-8 Ex - 4 pcs
      MicroTREK HTA-426-8 Ex - 7 pcs
      MultiCONT PRD-24A-5 Ex
277,625Read more ... NIVELCO transmitters commissioned by ISOIL in Italy  


  2016 - Tank farm, Borealis, Italy, :: Distributor: Isoil Industria Spa
Borealis offers a comprehensive range of innovative polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) solutions. ISOIL supplied monitoring tank farm and process control level switches The UNICONT PDF loop indicator displays the data of four weighing cell in the control room. The measurement results of the measured cells can be integrated into the system and can be displayed with the NIVISION software. The NIVOCONT R vibrating rod level switches perform lower or upper level control for small mixing tanks while the ultrasonic and guided microwave level transmitters measure the raw material and finished product storage tanks.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-412-4 - 2 pcs
      EasyTREK SCD-330-4 - 3 pcs
      EchoTREK STD-33J-3 - 18 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKH-602-1 - 75 pcs
      UNICONT PDF-401-4 - 1 pc
      MultiCONT PRW-18A-2 - 4 pcs
      NIVISION software
277,614Read more ... NIVELCO transmitters commissioned by ISOIL in Italy  


  2015 - Zalakaros Thermal Spa, Zalakaros, Hungary,
Last year Zalakaros Thermal Spa set the aim to implement an advanced building management system using the most recent technology available. The launch of the project was planned in two stages. In the first stage a complete data logging and data analysing system has been implemented and then in the next stage the complete process automation system will be based on this.
The BMS is able to collect and evaluate the data of the following systems:
  • Electrical power system
  • HVAC systems
  • Security and safety system
  • Fire protection system
  • Closed circuit camera system
  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-300
      NIVOPRESS D-500
      NIPRESS D-400
269,814Read more ... The building automation system of the Zalakaros Thermal Spa (Hungary)  


  2015 - TERMINALES CANARIOS S. L., Canary Islands, Spain, :: Distributor: IBERFLUID Instruments
TERMINALES CANARIOS S. L. is a company dedicated to provide logistics services of reception, storage and delivery of fuels and lubricants in the Canary Islands, Spain since 1986. Thanks to IBERFLUID Instruments, NIVELCO’s Spanish distributor, high reliability MicroTREK Guided Wave Radar level transmitters are responsible for the level monitoring in the lubricants storage tanks at the two sites of TERMINALES CANARIOS.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBB-442-4 – 16 pcs
      MicroTREK HBB-425-4 – 4 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MBK-525-8 Ex – 2 pcs
269,796Read more ... MicroTREK transmitters in the oil industry (Spain)  


  2015 - Flood monitoring using EasyTREK, Naryan-Mar, Russia, :: Distributor: RusAutomatization
New flood monitoring system was installed in the town of Naryan-Mar in the Pechora River developed by RusAutomatization. The system is equipped with EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitters providing continuous level monitoring of the river. In addition to the level transmitter the system also includes battery backups for the power supply and a MODBUS GPRS RTU data terminal, which transmits data directly towards mobile or computer network.
The data is carried by a packet-switched network and transmitted to the central server where the results of measurements are recorded and store into a database. The users can access to their own data easily via the Internet.
The user can specify the water limit values directly on the server and when the level values are reached the system sends SMS notifications to the specified mobile phone numbers. The system is able to send SMS notifications also when the external power supply is terminated or the batteries run out of power.
  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SP-300
258,966Read more ... Flood monitoring system with EasyTREK level transmitter (Russia)  


  2015 - Petrochemical plant, Macaé, Brazília, :: Distributor: NIVETEC Instrumentação e Controle
The measurement task was to continuously monitor the level in 10 outside lying cylindrical tanks where the highly flammable liquids are stored and to control the input and output batch of the stored products automatically. The supplied ultrasonic level transmitters were the EasyTREK SPB-370-8 Ex with PVDF housing having 4-20 mA + HART output. All the analogue 4-20 mA output signals of the EasyTREK transmitters are sent to a central PLC that monitors whether the tank was stocked with the right amount of chemical products and all measurement data are continuously logged.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPB-370-4 Ex
257,218Read more ... Measuring highly flammable liquids in Brazil  


  2015 - AVIMIX APA S.R.L., Sanislau, Romania, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Tehnica Masurarii
The AVIMIX APA S.R.L. established a new grain drying and storage facility near the Hungarian border in the town of Sanislau. The task was to provide level and temperature measurement system for four grain silos. In addition local display in the central control room and in an office computer was also required along with data-logging. Designing of the cable-architecture and the cable routes for the proper communication was also the part of the task. After the installation of the measurement system there was an intensive one month testing period while all the silos were filled with grains and the logged measurement data were investigated much more frequently than the planned.  Nivelco's instruments:

      THERMOPOINT TMH-55D-8 Ex - 28 pcs
      THERMOPOINT TMH-55G-8 Ex - 4 pcs
      EasyTREK SCD-33J-8 Ex - 4 pcs
      MultiCONT PRW-2MA-1 - 3 pcs
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1 - 2 pcs
      JAD-4520 (ADAM adapter) - 1 pcs
      NIVISION software
257,181Read more ... Level and temperature measurement system in Romania  


  2015 - Sewage works, Lebanon, USA, :: Distributor: Aqua Technology Group
The wastewater operations for the City of Lebanon, Ohio had an existing flow meter that had failed after just two years of operation. They needed a reliable way to measure flow going across both V-notch weirs and add flow pacing to the other process controls. The IP68 rated EasyTREK SPA-38N-4 integrated ultrasonic level transmitters are installed to a console above the basin. The measurement data is sent to the central SCADA system along with using the additional output of the MultiCONT to control the UV disinfection and their effluent wastewater sampler.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-38N-4
257,167Read more ... Effluent Flow Measurement for V-notch weir in the USA  


  2015 - Brewery, Ohio, USA, :: Distributor: Aqua Technology Group
The watewater of a new startup craft brewery is measured with open channel ultrasonic level measurement system. The facility in Ohio use a 4 inch Palmer-Bowlus flume with approach section equipped with EasyTREK SPA-39N-4 type ultrasonic level transmitter with and MultiCONT universal display and controller. The data is logged internally in the NIVELCO flow meter system and made available to the city council when required.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-39N-4
257,141Read more ... NIVELCO instruments in the Brewery (USA)  


  2014 - HMV Ltd, Kompolt, Hungary,
In the water / wastewater industry the reduction of the odour impact and the corrosion of the sewer system is an important task. To prevent the formation of hydrogen sulphide gas, our partner Katalin Novum Ltd. has developed a chemical feed system, which can be installed next to the pumping stations. This is achieved by various chemicals, such as calcium-nitrate or solutions of iron (III)-chloride. For continuous level measurement of the chemicals they are using EasyTREK SPA integrated ultrasonic level transmitters, which can reliably measure the level of various chemicals and suitable for the existing FRT-4 surveillance monitoring system. In 2014 a total of 10 systems including NIVELCO’s EasyTREK transmitters have been installed in the facilities of Sopron Waterworks, Budapest Sewage Works and the Heves Region Waterworks.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380-4 - 10 pcs


  2014 - Wastewater treatment facility, Borszék, Romania, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Tehnica Măsurării
NIVELCO manufactured continuous level transmitters, level switches, and liquid analytical transmitters have been installed into the modernized water treatment facility of Borszék town, Romania.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380-4 - 4 pcs
      MultiCONT PEW-215-1 - 2 pcs
      NIVOSONAR GPA-1P5-4 - 2 pcs
      AnaCONT LGD-121-2 - 2 pcs
      AnaCONT LGP-111-2 - 1 pc
      MICROSONAR UTP-211-4 - 1 pc
      NIVOFLOAT NWP-110 - 5 pcs
248,728Read more ... NIVELCO devices in the Wastewater Treatment Plant (Romania)  


  2014 - Sulphuric Acid Plant, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Bohemia
In the so-called contact manufacturing process of sulphuric acid continuous level measurement solution is needed for the mixing tank where oleum is diluted with water. The conditions in the tank were very challenging. There is the very aggressive atmosphere with strong fumes added with level fluctuations and not to mention the high humidity. The MicroTREK Guided Wave Radar is perfectly protected against any chemical reaction because all parts are covered with PFA/FEP coating providing long-term reliable level measurement.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBM-513-4
248,724Read more ... Level Measurement of Sulphuric Acid in the Czech Republic  


  2014 - Military Base, Shorabak, Afghanistan, :: Distributor: NIVELCO USA LLC.
The wastewater treatment plant located in Shorabak, Afghanistan is to be operated and maintained by Afghan National Army personnel, which means that the installed level measurement equipment has to be easy to operate and durable in a difficult environment. The EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic level transmitter was selected due to the IP68 rated construction and long durability proven in many other field installations.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-39N-4
      MultiCONT PRD-214-1
248,718Read more ... NIVELCO instruments on the military base (Afghanistan)  


  2014 - Wastewater treatment facility, Pinhalzinho, Brazil, :: Distributor: NIVETEC Instrumentação e Controle
The instrumentation task was to provide automatic flow control system at the inlet and outlet of the sewage treatment plant allowing storage and collection of data with notebook. The required energy for the open channel ultrasonic flow measurement is provided by solar panels.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SGP-380-3 - 2 pcs
248,710Read more ... Using green energy in the water treatment process (Brazil)  


  2014 - Department of Radiology, University of Pécs, Hungary,
In the medical practice slightly radioactive materials are used in many diagnostic procedures. These materials are depleted after the tests from the studied subjects for example with the urine, which is then collected into containers. The radioactive wastewater can be let out into the canal system only after the expiry of the half-life. Until that point it is stored in a fully automated tanks system, where the level measurement is done by EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic level transmitters. The most important requirement is the security, this is why the integrated design has been chosen from the highly reliable and HART-capable (remote programmable) NIVELCO ultrasonic transmitter family.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380-4 - 7 units
244,416Read more ... EasyTREK transmitters measure radioactive liquids (Hungary)  


  2014 - Paint Shop of Automotive Industry, India, :: Distributor: NIVELCO India
Automotive Industry Paint Shop for re-circulation of Scrubber water it is important to maintain constant water level in the sludge pit. NIVELCO’s EchoTREK SGV-380-4 ultrasonic level transmitters (with PVDF transducer and HART communication) are ideal choice for this task.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SGV-380-4
241,317Read more ... EchoTREK in Paint Shop of Automotive Industry (India)  


  2014 - Van Schelven B.V., The Netherlands, :: Distributor: Nivotherm B.V.
Level measurement in the 10 meter (33 feet) high stainless steel edible oil tanks with 2-wire EchoTREK ultrasonic level transmitters completed with a local displaying with MultiCONT process controller unit at the bottom of the tanks.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEP-362-4 - 4 pcs
      MultiCONT PRC-240-1
241,313Read more ... Level measurement with EchoTREK ultrasonic transmitters (The Netherlands)   


  2014 - Soltec Ireland Ltd., Ireland, :: Distributor: Multiplex Engineering Ltd.
Instrumentation for chemical storage tanks that needed to be continuously measured with a high level alarm indication and completed with a complex controlling system. The outside horizontal cylindrical tanks and are regarded as ATEX, hazardous environment, therefore all the elements of the measurement system must be intrinsically safe versions.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTA-430-8 Ex - 6 pcs
      UNICONT PGK-301-A Ex - 6 pcs
      UNICONT PMG-411-1 - 6 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-8 Ex - 6 pcs
      UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex - 6 pcs
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1 - 4 pcs
241,279Read more ... Complex instrumentation for solvent storage tanks (Ireland)  


  2014 - George Paris Company LLC, USA, :: Distributor: NIVELCO USA LLC.
A well-know American beautycare, cosmetics and all-natural home and body cleansing agents producer uses a 2” (P2-sized) PARSHALL flume outside their fence to measure the effluent sewage. To perform open channel flow measurement an EchoTREK compact ultrasonic level transmitter was installed with a custom-designed meter panel providing a digital display of cubic feet / sec. and cubic feet total.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEA-380-4
241,274Read more ... Ultrasonic open channel flow metering with PARSHALL flume in the USA  


  2013 - Fibrotermica Hungary Kft., Nyírád, Hungary,
Our partner is a Hungarian facility of a leading European manufacturer of polystyrene extruded foam insulation boards where the raw material storage tanks needed to be continuously measured. The customer is interested about the volume in the two tanks and it is calculated from the measured level value provided by coaxial probe type MicroTREK guided wave radars. The measurement data is displayed by UNICONT PMM units which are responsible for the batch controlling. There is an additional high fail-safe protection done by a NIVOSWITCH mini compact vibrating fork level switch. The complete measurement system has intrinsically safe protection.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTA-426-8 Ex - 2 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-405-8 Ex - 1 pc
      UNICONT PMM-311-1 - 2 pcs


  2013 - Limestone quarry, Poland, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Poland
NIVELCO solid level measurement instrumentation can be employed in practically all phases of limestone processing. The EchoTREK STD / EasyTREK SCD ultrasonic or the MicroTREK TDR level transmitters are ideal choice for accurate level measurement in extremely harsh, dusty circumstances.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTK-408-4
      EchoTREK STD-33J
      EasyTREK SCD-33J
234,945Read more ... NIVELCO transmitters in the limestone production (Poland)  


  2013 - Canning plant, Southern Hungary,
Prior to sealing the green peas and corn cans the food is filled with a special juice that provides the flavour of the product. The storage and the mixing tanks containing the filling liquid are measured by MicroTREK guided wave radars.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTS-420-4 - 2 pcs
      MicroTREK HHQ-413-4 - 5 pcs
      ISOMAG MS-2500 + ML-210
234,939Read more ... Manufacturing filling liquid in the canning plant with NIVELCO instruments  


  2013 - GlaxoSmithKline, Gödöllő, Hungary,
Continuous level measurement of different pH and density liquids for example high purity water, washing liquid, and fermentation liquid with high temperature MicroTREK guided wave radar level transmitter, meeting high hygienic requirements in the pharmaceutical environment.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HHO-412-4 - 4 pcs
234,929Read more ... MicroTREK transmitters in the pharmaceutical industry  


  2013 - Microhidrocentrală, Valea Feneșului, România, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Tehnica Masurarii
Măsurare debite la microhidrocentrale. Măsurarea debitului de apă pe conductele de aducțiune la turbine cu debitmetru electromagnetic cu inserție ISOMAG MS3770-ML110. Măsurarea debitului minim de servitute pe râu cu sistem de măsurare debite pe canal deschis compus din canal calibrat tip Parshall NIVOSONAR, traductor de nivel ultrasonic EasyTREK și controler MultiCONT.  Nivelco's instruments:

      ISOMAG MS3770-2A1A
      ISOMAG ML110-B0A1B1B0


  2013 - Miskolc Water Works, Hungary,
The sewage shafts at the Miskolc Water Works are equipped with crushers in order to pump protection. The crushers grind the bigger solid particles of the sewage and the incoming water reaches the pumps when it crossed the crusher. Originally the crushers were operating all the time, mostly unnecessarily. Now the grinder acts like a filter screen when not operating. When the contaminations start to build-up in front of the crusher the water level will increase inside the shaft. The water level is monitored by an EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitter. The measured value is displayed on a UNICONT PMG unit and the crusher equipment is controlled by the UNICONT PMG. When the water level raises the crusher will start, grinds the driftwoods therefore the water level will decrease and then the controller stops the crusher. Thanks to this controlling solution the crusher is operating only if necessary resulting great energy savings.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-340-4
      UNICONT PMG-411-1
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1


  2012 - Budapest Sewage Works, Hungary, Budapest,
In 2012 the South-Pest wastewater treatment plant of Budapest Sewage Works established a new treatment technology called Organica Food-Chain Reactor. In this activated sludge water treatment process the water level control of the activated sludge basins has became necessary to be able to transfer the proper water amount to the biological stage. The water level is continuously measured by an EasyTREK SPA-360-4 type integrated ultrasonic level transmitter. The output signal of the instrument is transmitted to the PLC controlling the biological purification stage. The PLC controls the activated sludge basins floodgates on the basis of the measured level values.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-360-4
257,136Read more ... EasyTREK transmitters in Activated Sludge Basin (Hungary)  


  2012 - Coal burned power plant, Poland, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Poland
Coal is very common material used in many branches of industry like power generation, coke production, chemical and many, many others. In a typical coal burned power plant the EasyTREK SCD is an ideal choice for coal level measurement applications.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD
224,495Read more ... Level measurement in coal bunkers (Poland)  


  2012 - SOLAREX S.R.L, Romania, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Tehnica Masurarii
In the factory of the Romanian animal feed producer there are overall 29 closed tanks filled with various grain flours, soybean flour, sunflower flour, and other additives to be measured. Level measurement in such an extreme dusty environment can be done with great reliability thanks to the EasyTREK SCD ultrasonic level transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-33J-8 Ex - 14 pcs
      EasyTREK SCD-34J-8 Ex - 15 pcs
224,489Read more ... EasyTREK transmitters in the animal feed plant (Romania)  


  2012 - Mangalore dairy plant, India, :: Distributor: NIVELCO India
In the dairy plant in Mangalore, India there are three milk storage tanks with 15000 litre capacity which should be continuously measured. The preferred solution for this applications was non-contact measurement, NIVELCO offered EchoTREK ultrasonic level transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SGV-380-2 - 3 pcs
224,481Read more ... Ultrasonic level transmitters for milk applications (India)  


  2012 - Belgosuc, Belgium, :: Distributor: RETEC
Belgosuc produces semi-finished products based on natural sugars. They produce glycerine, liquid sugars, and syrups. The following challenges had to be solved in the measurement of 4 tanks: very sticky media, high hygienic requirements, high temperature CIP (Cleaning in Place) process. The solution is the EchoTREK SGS-362-2 with stainless steel transducer face.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SGS-362-2


  2012 - Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Kft, Dunaharaszti,
Disinfection is a very important step in the food & beverage industry where the CIP process is used for this purpose. The CIP process uses concentrated (37%) hydrochloric acid, the acid storage tank is equipped with EasyTREK SPA integrated ultrasonic level transmitter. The instrument has excellent chemical resistance against aggressive media and it measures reliably through the acid vapour.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-340-4


  2012 - Urban waste water treatment plant, Portugal, :: Distributor: BRESIMAR Automacao S.A.
The urban waste water treatment plant in Portugal use EasyTREK ultrasonic level transmitters for open channel flow measurement and level measurement in the concrete open tanks. The water quality is monitored by AnaCONT ORP (oxidation / reduction potential) and DO (dissolved oxygen) transmitters. The transmitters are connected to MultiCONT process controllers .  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380-4
      MultiCONT PRW-249-1
      UNICONT PJK-120-4
      AnaCONT LER-111-4
      AnaCONT LED-111-4


  2012 - Győr Distillery Co. Ltd., Győr, Hungary,
Győr Distillery Co. Ltd. produces ethanols in high quality and they use EchoTREK compact ultrasonic level transmitter in the alkaline tank of the fermentation process. The measured values are displayed on the outside UNICONT panel instrument. The overfill protection is performed by PFA coated NIVOSWITCH vibrating fork level switch.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SGP-370-2
      UNICONT PMG-411-1
      NIVOSWITCH RAM-402-1


  2012 - Agrokémia Sellye Zrt., Sellye, Hungary,
The major instrumentation investment project of Agrokémia Sellye chemical plant in 2011-2012 was continued with the measurement of buffer tanks. The pesticide containing tanks are measured by guided wave level transmitters with 4mm diameter cable probe. The avaiable space above these inside tanks is very small, so rigid rod probe versions cannot be mounted.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTK-504-4 - 3 pcs


  2012 - Water Works, Bodorfa, Hungary,
Level measurement in outside sewage stations. The water level changes rapidly in this plant and one of the measurement place is very narrow. The EasyTREKs measure perfectly both inside and outside.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-360-4 - 3 pcs


  2012 - Basalt s.r.o., Czech Republic, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Bohemia
EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic level transmitters measure the level in 13 storage silos of various dusty aggregates. The transmitters are connected to MultiCONT multichannel process controllers which communicates by MODBUS RTU protocol with the PLC.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-34J-4 - 13 pcs
      MultiCONT PEW-22A-1 - 7 pcs
214,958Read more ... Instrumentation of a Basalt Quarry in the Czech Republic  


  2012 - EISPRO Kft., Hungary,
In the facility of EISPRO Kft. almost every processes in their ice cream production technology are equipped with NIVELCO instruments.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTS-425-4
      EchoTREK SEA-380
      EasyTREK SPA-360
      NIPRESS DRC-2A22
      UNICONT PMM-311
      UNICONT PMG 411
214,933Read more ... NIVELCO in the Ice Cream Factory  


  2012 - Oil tank park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, :: Distributor: Dutco Tennant LLC.
Oil tank park in Dubai is equipped with MicroTREK guided radar level transmitters and THERMOPOINT multipoint temperature transmitters. The system is monitored by NIVISION process visualization software.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTT-414-4 - 11 pcs
      THERMOPOINT TMK-53E-4 - 11 pcs
      MultiCONT PEW-28A-1 - 3 db pcs
214,915Read more ... Configuration a NIVISION system in the Middle-East  


  2012 - Veolia Eau, France, :: Distributor: C2Plus
In this application, we measure the Overflow with EasyTREK SPA ultrasonic integrated transmitter connected to a MultiCONT PEW multichannel controller, powered by a battery and reloaded by a solar panel. A 20-point linearization table are programmed in the MultiCONT to convert level to flow with Manning Strickler Formula (relation between level and flow in a circular pipe). 4-20 mA output and pulse relay are wired to a small GSM transmitter. All units are powered by the solar panel.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380-4
      MultiCONT PEW-216-2
206,759Read more ... NIVELCO instruments powered by solar panel (France)  


  2012 - Agrokémia Sellye Zrt., Sellye, Hungary,
NIVELCO instruments are used in the pesticide production of Agrokémia Sellye Zrt. All transmitters and infra-red sensors are connected to the controlling server. This computer is running a NIVISION process visualization software which enables the unified data management of the measurement values, visual displaying of each process and batch tracking with receipt logging.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTC-522-8Ex - 10 pcs
      EchoTREK SGF-380-8 Ex - 2 pcs
      MultiCONT PRC-24A-5Ex
      THERMOCONT TBC 521-8Ex
      NIRED IRV-111-1
205,750Read more ... NIVELCO instruments in the pesticide production (Hungary)  


  2012 - ERHAL Kft., Romania, :: Distributor: NIVELCO T.M. S.R.L.
Open channel ultrasonic flow measurement in a trout farming plant in Transylvania. The applied Parshall flume is equipped with a EasyTREK integrated transmitter.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-390-4
      MultiCONT PEW 210-1
205,744Read more ... Ultrasonic flow measurement in trout farming (Romania)  


  2012 - NT Food Kft., Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary,
The NT Food Kft. in Kiskunfélegyháza produces hot pressed, extracted, raw and refined sunflower cooking oil, their best-known brand in Hungary is called Kunsági Éden. The company is the largest Hungarian owned edible oil producer for over 15 years. The implemented measurement system monitors the batch numbers assigned to the raw materials during the whole manufacturing process from the input seed state to the bottled oil state.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HHS-410-8 Ex - 4 pcs
      MicroTREK HTN-415-4 - 3 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MTK-540-4 - 4 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MTK-5A0-4 - 4 pcs
      THERMOCONT TSP-211-0 - 33 pcs
      THERMOCONT TSP-215-0 - 42 pcs
      NIVOPRESS DTE 651-2
      NIVOPRESS DTE 551-8 Ex - 2 pcs
      NIPRESS DRE-452-2 - 4 pcs
      NIMET BLV-141-4 - 152 pcs
      MultiCONT PRW-2MA-2
      UNICONT PMG-400
      UNICONT PJK-102-4 - 8 pcs
      NIPOWER PPK-331
205,735Read more ... Edible oil plant with NIVELCO instrumentation (Hungary)  


  2012 - Bileća wastewater treatment plant, Bosnia, :: Distributor: INDAS
Water basins in the wastewater treatment plant of Bileća city is equipped with EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic level transmitters. The measured level values are displayed on UNICONT PMM-300 universal controllers and a SCADA application. Dry-run protection of the pumps is prevented using NIVOFLOAT NLN-120 float level switches.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCA-360-2 - 2 pcs
      EasyTREK SCB-360-2 - 9 pcs
      NIVOFLOAT NLN-120 - 3 pcs
      UNICONT PMM-312 - 4 pcs


  2011 - Mediterrán Zrt, Bóly, Hungary,
Mediterrán Zrt. in Bóly manufactures important \"element\" of building industry, the roof tile. Production of concrete tiles needs many types of raw materials, such as sand, cement, dyes, and auxiliary materials which are stored in silos. These silos are measured by MicroTREK guided microwave level transmitters with 8mm cable probe. High fail-safe monitoring is done by NIVOROTA rotary paddle level switches.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-410-4 - 4pcs
      NIVOROTA EKK-610-1 - 4pcs


  2011 - INWATECH Kft, Szeged, Hungary,
A biogas plant next to Szeged uses underground tanks to store the condense water of the fermentors. The level of these tanks are measured with EchoTREK ultrasonic level transmitters. High level alarm indication is done by NIVOFLOAT tilting float switches. Ex isolation and power supply is provided by UNICONT PGK intrinsically safe isolator power supply modules.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEA-362-8 Ex - 2pcs
      UNICONT PGK-301-B Ex - 2pcs
      NIVOFLOAT NWP-110-1 - 2pcs


  2011 - NT Élelmiszer Kft, Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary,
Main step of edible oil production is to dissolve the remaining vegetable oil from the crushed and pressed vegetable seeds. This process is done in the extracting tank with chemical solvent extracts, such as hexane. The level of the highly explosive hexane is performed in a bypass tube with guided microwave transmitters. The dosing control is based on the transmitted level values. The special characteristics of the measurement is that dielectric constant of hexane is only 1.9.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTR-410-8 - 3pcs


  2011 - Sewage works of Vienna, Austria, :: Distributor: Göth Solutions
Sewage works of Vienna use NIVELCO instruments in the drain-system under Karlsplatz. The water level is monitored with EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic transmitters and MultiCONT process controllers.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380-8 Ex
      MultiCONT PRC-220-6 Ex
      UNICONT PJK-102-4
      UNICONT PJK-120-4
196,760Read more ... NIVELCO instruments in Vienna’s sewer system  


  2011 - Biogas plant in Jászapáti, Hungary,
Instrumentation of fermentors in biogas producing technology with NIVOCAP capacitive level transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-360-4
      NIVOCAP CTR-206-6 Ex
      NIVOCAP CTR-201-6 Ex
      ISOMAG MS-2500 + ML-110
      THERMOCONT TTJ-521-6 Ex
      NIVOPRESS DTF-501-6 Ex
195,300Read more ... Instrumentation of a biogas plant (Hungary)  


  2011 - Steel Works in Ózd, Hungary,
Continuous level measurement with MicroTREK guided radar transmitters in the electro-steel manufacturing technology in the Steel Works of Ózd, Hungary.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-408-4
      MircoTREK HTN-412-4
      MicroTREK HTN-410 6 Ex
      UNICONT PDF-401-2
      NIVOROTA EKH-702
      NIVOROTA EKK-710
195,252Read more ... MicroTREK level transmitters in the steel industry (Hungary)  


  2011 - Refrasil S.R.O. - Trinec, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Bohemia S.R.O.
Continuous level measurement with EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic transmitters in construction raw material tanks. NIVOCONT R vibrating rods perform high level switch.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-34J-4 21 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKK-502-1 21 pcs
195,244Read more ... Instrumentation of 21 construction raw material tanks in Czech Republic  


  2011 - Spumotim - Pitesti, Romania, :: Distributor: NIVELCO T.M. S.R.L.
EasyTREK integrated ultrasonic transmitters measure the level of polyol and isocyanate tanks in Spumotim's site. NIVOSWITCH vibrating forks perform low level switch.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK 8pcs.
      NIVOSWITCH RFM-400 8pcs.
      MultiCONT PR-200 1pcs.
      UNICONT PJK-100 4pcs.
190,087Read more ... NIVELCO measurement system in sponge production (Romania)  


  2011 - Allison Transmission Site in Szentgotthárd, Hungary,
NIVELCO delivered its MicroTREK HT-400 guided radar transmitters for oil and oil-emulsion tanks in the new site of Allison Transmission in Szentgotthárd.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HT-400
      UNICONT PJK-100
190,032Read more ... NIVELCO, as a prime contractor - Expanding our profile within a local investment  


  2011 - ÉMV Incineration plant in Sajóbábony, Hungary,
MicroTREK guided microwave and NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters measure the level in xylol and boric acid tanks.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTK-560-8 Ex 4 pcs.
      NIVOTRACK MTC-530-8 Ex 3 pcs.
      MicroTREK HHR-428-8 Ex 4 pcs.
      UNICONT PGK-301-B Ex 11 pcs.
      NIPOWER PPK-331 3 pcs.
190,017Read more ... High precision level measurement in ÉMV Incineration Plant (Hungary)  


  2011 - North-Hungarian Chemical-works, Sajóbábony,
Demands on high-technology measurements in a North-Hungarian Chemical-works. Level measurement of raw material tanks with MicroTREK and NIVOTRACK transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

189,929Read more ... Demands on high-technology measurements at North-Hungarian Chemical-works   


  2011 - Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Kft, Dunaharaszti,
Level measurement of a tank park in the beverage production. Level measurement with MicroTREK guided radar level transmitters  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTF 15 pcs
      MicroTREK HTD 2 pcs
      MultiCONT PEW 2 pcs
      UNICONT PDF-501 2 pcs
189,912Read more ... Level measurement of a tank farm in beverage production  


  2010 - Canning plant, Southern Hungary,
Blanching is a cooking process wherein the vegetable is plunged into boiling water, removed after a brief, timed interval, and finally placed under cold water as a heat treatment. After the blanching the podded green peas are collected in hoppers then transferred into the dosing machine and finally it is filled with a special juice that provides the flavour of the product prior to sealing the cans. The rapidly fluctuating and wave-like level in the hoppers is measured by twin-rod probe MicroTREK Guided Wave Radars.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTD-415-4 - 4 pcs
      MicroTREK HTD-425-4 - 2 pcs


  2010 - FIM, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The high temperature version MicroTREK guided wave level transmitters with mono rod probe measure bitumen in a feeding tank. The instrument operates with high reliability in the high temperature (180°C) environment and sticky medium application.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HPS-410-4


  2010 - DTD Ribarstvo, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The high temperature version MicroTREK guided wave level transmitters with mono-rod probe measure demineralized water in a feed tank of a steam boiler. The instrument operates with reliability in the steamy environment application.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HPR-418-4


  2010 - Banat, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The 21 meter tall sunflower seeds storage silos are equipped with 8mm cable probe version MicroTREK guided microwave level transmitter.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBN-421-4


  2010 - Maxima, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The 10 meter tall calcium oxide (burnt lime) storage silo is equipped with 8mm cable probe version MicroTREK guided microwave level transmitter. Despite the intensive dust during the pneumatic filling of the silo, the measurement is reliable.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBN-410-4


  2010 - Tarkett, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The 10 meter tall calcium carbonate storage silo is equipped with 8mm cable probe version MicroTREK guided microwave level transmitter. Despite the intensive dust during the pneumatic filling of the silo, the measurement is reliable.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBN-410-4


  2010 - Ekocem - Poland, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Poland
Measurement of sand, cement and different sized gravel in 10 m tall silos in extreme dusty environment. Stones are loaded directly into the silos besides quite high acoustic noises and strong vibrations.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-340-4
      UNICONT PJK-100
179,738Read more ... EasyTREK transmitters help to optimize operations at a concrete manufacturing plant  


  2010 - Rotary Drilling Co. - Drilling fluid plant in Algyő, Hungary,
Level measurement of special technologic liquid - so called drilling mud with ultrasonic and microsonic level transmitters in storage silos. Low and high level switching of the silos are performed with float level switches.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEP-325 17 pcs
      MicroTREK HTR-425 5 pcs
      NIVOFLOAT NWP-110 17 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3 2 pcs
179,306Read more ... Nivelco instruments in the oil industry (Hungary)  


  2010 - Screening plant of limestones - Nordalk - Miedzianka, Poland, :: Distributor: Nivelco Poland
Measurement solution in a limestone screening plant with ultrasonic level transmitter for solids. Main reason of the process automation was to enhance work conditions reducing human activity in the extreme dusty environment.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD-33J-1 6 pcs
179,258Read more ... Screening plant of limestone (Poland)  


  2010 - Budapest Sewage Works Ltd. - South-Pest Wastewater Treatment Plant,
In the wastewater treatment plant rotary drum screens filters the incoming raw wastewater. Controlling task of rotary drum screens are performed with NIVELCO integrated ultrasonic level transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380-4 6 pcs
      UNICONT PMM-324-1 3 pcs
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1 6 pcs
      NITIME JEL-111 3 pcs


  2010 - Steel-works in Dunaújváros, Hungary - Coke-works,
Measurement of different types of coal powders in extreme dusty and ’Dust Ex’ environment with ultrasonic level transmitters. After separation of the finished product, level switch is performed with Ex-type vibrating forks.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SBD-31J-8 Ex 14 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RLH-304-E Ex 4 pcs
179,246Read more ... Nivelco instruments in the steel industry (Hungary)  


  2010 - Vandamme Növényolajgyár, Mo., Komárom,
Saricina a fost măsurare de nivel în silozuri, care conţin materii prime şi produse finite folosite la fabricarea uleiului vegetal prin presarea la rece .   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTD-425-8Ex : 7 db
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3 : 20 db
      UNICONT PMM-311-1
166,467Read more ... Instrumentation in a vegetable oil factory  


  2010 - Coca-Cola HBC Kft., Hungary, Dunaharaszti,
În technologia de fabricare a răcoritoarelor este important măsurarea de nivel a materialelor de bază(ex.baze,dextroză) şi reutilizarea apelor industriale uzate  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOPRESS DTE-651 : 5 buc
      EchoTREK SBA-380 : 1 buc
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3 : 6 buc
      AnaCONT LGP-211-2
      AnaCONT LCK 232-2
      ISOMAG ML 110
      ISOMAG MS 2500
      THERMOCONT TSP 221-0
166,459Read more ... Nivelco instruments in beverage manufacturing  


  2009 - CS Beton Velke Zernoseky, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: Nivelco Bohemia
Pentru fabricarea betonului este important dozarea exactă a materialelor de bază şi urmărirea stocului. La materialele prăfoase se foloseşte traductor de nivel cu microunde şi la materialele aderente se foloseşte traductor de nivel cu ultrasunete.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-213-4 : 10 db
      EasyTREK SCD-34J-4 : 4 db


  2009 - Regional water plant, Tirgu Mures, :: Distributor: Nivelco TM S.R.L.
La reconstruirea staţiei de epurare , în apa uzată se utilizează noile traductoare de nivel hidrostatice cu membrană frontală şi la comanda grilei de fier se foloseşte traductor de nivel ultrasonic.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOPRESS NCK-200 : 10 db
      EchoTREK SBP-380-6 : 9 db
      NIVOFLOAT NWP-100 : 30 db
166,484Read more ... Instinstrumentaţia staţiei de epurare (România)  


  2009 - Lisztsilo Kft., Hungary, Hajdúság,
Măsurarea de nivel continuă in silozurile cu făină, cu traductoare de nivel cu ghid de undă. Măsurarea este sigură şi în medii prăfoase în timpul umplării silozului.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-414-6 : 7 db
      MultiCONT PRC-18A-1 : 1 db
      UNICONT PJK-102-4 : 4 db
166,474Read more ... Level measurement in a bread factory  


  2009 - Slovakia, :: Distributor: Hidrofilt
In procesul de tratare a apei echipamentele technologice pot functiona in conditii optime, de scurgere, nivel , presiune si temperatura. De aceea este foarte important, monitorizarea technologica si integrare in sisteme de comanda  Nivelco's instruments:

      20buc EchoTREK
      75buc MicroTREK
      60buc NIVOPRESS D
      16buc Nivoswitch
      Thermocont TB
166,451Read more ... Instrumente pentru tratarea apei  


  2009 - Saint-Gobain WEBER, Romania, :: Distributor: Nivelco TM S.R.L.
Măsurare de nivel în silozuri de materiale de bază ,pentru fabricarea de tencuială şi vizualizarea acestuia în softwerul de vizualizare.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-408-4 : 6 db
      NIVISION software
166,415Read more ... Level measurement in the Saint Gobain Weber plaster factory  


  2009 - Sau-Paulo Water works, Brasil, :: Distributor: NIVETEC
Un număr mare de traductoare de nivel ultrasonice la staţia de epurare a apei din Brazilia.Un proiect foarte mare , care se termină în anul 2018.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SGP-380-2 : 250 db
166,410Read more ... Realizӑri de succes din partea cealaltӑ a lumii (Brazilia)  


  2009 - Australia, :: Distributor: SEMRAD
Măsurare de nivel cu traductoare de nivel cu microunde, linearizat de mare precizie , la staţiile de alimentare de diferite combustibili, din Australia.Sistemul a fost completat cu un controler cu mai multe canale MultiCONT. Un mare avantaj este că sistemul NIVISION se poate accesa şi de pe internet !  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTT-410-8 : 60 db
      MultiCONT PRW-1RA-6 : 30 db
      NIVISION folyamatmegjelenítő szoftver WEB felülettel
166,403Read more ... Nivision gaining ground down under  


  2009 - North-Hungarian Chemical-works, Sajóbábony,
Măsurare de nivel în industria chimică ,în rezervoare culcate şi în picoare, cu conţinut de materiale explozibile (xyol,acid boric) , realizat cu traductoare de nivel magnetostrictivăde mare precizie (1-5 mm) şi cu tradutoare de nivel de tip radar cu ghid de undă.   Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTK-560-8 Ex : 4 db
      NIVOTRACK MTK-530-8 Ex : 3 db
      MicroTREK HTR-428-8 Ex : 4 db
166,390Read more ... High precision level measurement in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry  


  2009 - NT Élelmiszertermelő Kft., Hungary, Kiskunfélegyháza,
Utilizarea traductoarelor radar TDR pentru măsurarea nivelului uleiului de floarea soarelui la temperaturi înalte (150°C ) în schimbătoarele de căldură de pe linia technologică de fabricaţie.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HHA-418-8 : 4 db
      NIPOWER PPK-331 : 4 db
      UNICONT PMG-411 : 4 db
166,367Read more ... High precision level measurement and control with guided microwave level transmitter in oil extraction plant  


  2009 - Budafoki Baromfifeldolgozó Kft., Budapest, Hungar,
Vizualizarea sistemului de aprivizionare cu apă în industria alimentară , cu softwer-ul Nivision. Măsurarea nivelului în puţuri a fost realizat cu traductoare de nivel hidrostatice NIVOPRESS, iar nivelul apei în rezervoare şi în turnul de apă , a fost realizat cu traductoare ultrasonice EchoTREK. Transmiterea datelor la mare distanţă se face cu staţii radio de emisie-recepţie.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEA-380 : 3 db
      NIVOPRESS NPK-2310 : 5 db
      THERMOCONT TTJ-521 : 6 db
      Nivision folyamatmegjelenítő szoftver
166,357Read more ... Visualization of service water network of a food plant with Nivision software  


  2009 - Uranium mines, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: Nivelco Bohemia
Storage reservoirs at the 24th and 18th floor; uranium mines 1,5 km underground  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCA-360-2 - 13pcs


  2009 - Reduction stage of steam, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: Nivelco Bohemia
Reduction stage of steam  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STP-380-1


  2009 - Toth Paste Factory, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: Nivelco Bohemia
Measurement of level in tank with tooth paste.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEP-390-4


  2009 - Sewage lift station, Poland, :: Distributor: Nivelco-Poland
Level measurement and pump control in 56 sewage lift stations. Installation is working succesfully from 2006.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380-4 56 pcs.


  2009 - France, REG-NORD, :: Distributor: C2 Plus
Water flow measurement in a V notch weir.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380-4
      MultiCONT PEW-113-1


  2008 - Beton Partner Ltd., Budapest, Hungary,
4 MicroTREK TDR leveltransmitters and a MultiCONT multichannel control and display unit has been installed to monitor 4 silos at the site  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-209-4
      MicroTREK HTN-211-4
      MultiCONT PEW-144
146,921Read more ... MicroTREK GWR transmitters in the concrete manufacturing plant  


  2008 - Steelworks of Ózd Ltd.(ÓAM Ózdi Acélmű Kft.), Budapest, Hungary,
Level monitoring of composition metals in extremely dusty enviroment and intensive mechanical wearing.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-205-4 (6)
      MicroTREK HTN-405-4 (2)
146,890Read more ... MicroTREK TDR transmitters measuring metal alloys despite the agony of the industry  


  2008 - Basalt Középkő Kft., Uzsabánya, Hungary,
Chute monitoring in a rock grinder.
Remote display with PMM 311-1.
  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD-34J-1
      UNICONT PMM-311-1


  2008 - GE Hungary Zrt., Nagykanizsa, Hungary,
1. picture : before : STA-244
2. picture : now : SPA-340-4
3. picture : Parshall : SPA-360-4

Level measurement in sewage basin now and before.

Outgoing sewage measurement with Parshall flume
  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-340-4
      EasyTREK SPA-360-4
      MultiCONT PEC-110-1
      UNICONT PMG-411
      NIPOWER PPK-331


  2008 - Budapest Sewage Works Ltd., Hungary, Budapest,
To overcome the difficulties of measuring sewage level in very narrow shafts an ultrasonic level transmitter has been installed in one of these miscellaneous pump stations of the Hungarian capital. The transmitter constantly measures sewage level and controls the pumps. Remote programming and testing can be done from the control room via HART communication.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-340-4


  2008 - Gran Milano SpA, Milano, Italy, :: Distributor: Isoil Industria SpA
Continuous level measuring of sugar and flour in tanks with 6 and 12m heigth with MicroTREK TDR level transmitters. Signal processing is done by MultiCONT PRW process controller.  Nivelco's instruments:



  2008 - Holcim Hungária Zrt., Lábatlan, Hungary,
Level measuring of slurry mixer silo of the cement plant of Lábatlan with Echotrek ultrasonic level transmitter. Local indication is done by Unicont PDF loop indicator. The instrument is installed to a rotating bridge and operates in extreme conditions.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STA-360-4
      UNICONT PDF-401-1


  2008 - Holcim Hungária Zrt., Lábatlan, Hungary,
Sensing of the rotation of the furnace of the cement burner with Microsonar ultrasonic proximity sensors. The Unicont PMM controller processes the output signal and controls the apparatus.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MICROSONAR UTP-261-4
      UNICONT PMM-312-1


  2008 - Zöldolaj Zrt., Halmajugra, Hungary,
Continuous level measuring and control of raw vegetable oil used in biodiesel production with guided radar level transmitters. The 4..20mA outputs of the transmitters are processed by PLC control system.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTK 201-4 : 4 pcs.


  2008 - Ózdi Acélművek Kft., Ózd, Hungary,
Continuous level measuring and control of lumpy auxiliary metallurgic materials. Signal processing and control is done by a process control system on PC.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-205-4 : 6 pcs.
      MicroTREK HTN-405-4 : 2 pcs.


  2008 - ISD Dunaferr Dunai Vasmű, Dunaújváros, Hungary,
Level measuring in standing rectangular silos with ultrasonic transmiters. The material is very dusty burnt limestone at 70-80 deg. C. Signal processing and display is done by Unicont controllers.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-31J : 6 pcs.
      UNICONT PMM-324 : 6 pcs.


  2008 - Danube Regional Waterworks, Vác, Hungary,
Level measuring and control of the central sewage pump of the sewage network of Veresegyház. Signal processing and control is done by MultiCONT process controller.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-340-4
      MultiCONT PEW-114-1


  2008 - Danube Regional Waterworks, Szentendre, Hungary,
Level measuring and control of several sewage shafts of the municipal sewage network. Signal processing and control is done by MultiCONT process controller.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-340-4
      MultiCONT PEW-114-1


  2008 - Saint Gobain Weber Terranova Kft., Pilisvörösvár, Hungary,
Continuous level metering of outdoor dolomite silos and solvent tanks with MicroTREK TDR radars and ultrasonic transmitters. Signal processing is done by MultiCONT and Unicont controllers.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-204-4 : 10 pcs.
      MultiCONT PRW-1MA : 1 pc.
      EchoTREK SEP-380-4 : 5 pcs.
      UNICONT PMM-314-1 : 5 pcs.


  2008 - Kemenesvíz Kft., Celldömölk, Hungary,
Measuring of the drawn water of the local sewage plant with ultrasonic transmitter and Parshall flume. The processing and evaluation is done by a MultiCONT process controller.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCA-360-4
      MultiCONT PEW-115-1


  2008 - Semmelrock Kft., Budapest, Hungary,
Continuous level metering with TDR radar in cement silos, display and level switching with Unicont controllers.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-215 : 3 pcs.
      UNICONT PMG-411 : 3 pcs.


  2008 - Vasi-Víz Zrt., Szombathely, Hungary,
Level measuring and control of the grid filter and pump of the sewage plant of the local waterworks.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA 340-4


  2008 - Chandigarh, India, :: Distributor: Nivelco India Pvt.
Sugar crystallization pan application: The application is very tricky since the sugar syrup in the pan (tank) is vacuumised at 600–700 mmHg while operating temperature is held at around 80°C. The syrup is continuously stirred by an 40-50 rpm agitator. Due to the evaporation and addition of crystal seeds the syrup if finally converted into crystals.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK H
140,302Read more ... NIVELCO’s MicroTREK sweetens sugar in India  


  2008 - Moscow TEC №22, Russia, :: Distributor: ZAO Rospribor
ZAO Rospribor the russian distributor of Nivelco installed a Microtrek radar to a tank of the no.22 thermal power plant in Moscow for level measuring of mazout.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTK-216-4


  2007 - Törsvíz Kft., Törökbálint, Hungary, :: Distributor: Nivelco Hungary
Level measurement of tank containing chemical medium with integral ultrasonic level transmitter, display with local indicator, limit switching.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-380
      UNICONT PDF-501
      UNICONT PKK-312


  2007 - Tatabánya Thermal Power Station Co., Tatabánya, Hungary ,
Level measuring of rainwater reservoirs using ultrasonic transmitters, measured data is displayed in an instrument box.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-340


  2007 - Galga riverside sewage station, Bag, Hungary,
Sewage level measuring with ultrasonic transmitters connected to a PLC system. The narrow gully, the ladder or sewage fluctuation has no effect on the measurement.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-340


  2007 - Ungaria, Villas Hungaria Kft., Zalaegerszeg,
Diferite aplicaţii de măsurare nivel bitum şi reglare procese. Reglarea nivelului în 3 recipienţi cu bitum şi măsurarea nivelului în 4 rezervoare.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK H
      NIVOPRESS D-600
112,950Read more ... Masurare nivel bitum utilizând traductoare radar cu ghid de unda  


  2006 - Ungaria, Agribrands Europe Hungary Kft., Kaposvár ,
Măsurarea nivelului la materiile prime folosite pentru prepararea furajelor în 4 silozuri de 12 m înălţime şi 4 silozuri de 22 m înălţime. Datele măsurate sunt citite şi afişate de Multicont şi transmise ulterior la PC pe RS 485.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK H
      MultiCONT P-100
112,944Read more ... Masurare nivel cu microunde- Agribrands Europe Hungary Srl  


  2006 - Ungaria Staţie de epurare - Szeged,
Pentru măsurarea debitelor la ape uzate la intrarea în staţia de epurare se foloseşte canalul Parshall P9. Datele măsurate sunt prelucrate în sistemul SCADA.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SPA-360
      MultiCONT PRC-11A


  2006 - România, Fabrica de zahar AGRANA, BUZAU, :: Distributor: NIVELCO ROMANIA
Masurare nivel in 6 silozuri cu zahar  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD


  2006 - România, Fabrica SPUMOTIM, TIMISOARA, :: Distributor: NIVELCO ROMANIA
Masurare nivel substante utilizate in fabricarea buretilor in 9 rezervoare  Nivelco's instruments:



  2006 - Ungaria, Villas Hungaria Kft., Zalaegerszeg,
Măsurarea nivelului materialelor cu granulaţie şi fluiditate diferită utilizate pentru fabricarea plăcilor bituminoase.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD-33J-3
      MicroTREK HTN-207-4
      MultiCONT PEW-18A-1
100,714Read more ... Măsurarea nivelului la VILLAS HUNGARIA KFT din Zalaegerszeg cu ajutorul traductoarelor ultrasonice şi cu microunde (radar) produse de Nivelco  


  2006 - Polonia, Prelucrare calcar, TRZUSKAWICA, :: Distributor: NIVELCO-POLAND
Măsurare nivel şi comandă în concasoare de piatră.  Nivelco's instruments:

      traductor ultrasonic EasyTREK SCD-34J


  2006 - România, Uzina Dacia-Renault din Pitesti, :: Distributor: NIVELCO ROMANIA
Măsurare şi comutare nivel la apă infectată cu ulei, cu ajutorul unui traductor ultrasonic cu protocol HART, care are integrat un releu programabil care este folosit pentru comanda locală a pompelor  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCA-380
93,993Read more ... Aparatură NIVELCO în uzina Reanult din România  


  2006 - Regiunea Kagoshima , :: Distributor: TOWA-Seiden industrial Co., Ltd.
Domeniu de măsurare: furaje   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK: 32 buc. ABL-H09-2 şi 3 buc. ABL-H15-2
      MultiCONT: 3 buc. PEW-1MA-1 şi controller RS485


  2006 - Republica Cehă – TECHNISTONE co. – Pardubice, fabrică de ceramică , :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA s.r.o.
Masurare: Materiale cu granulatie fina –nisip de granulatie foarte fina.
Domeniul de măsurare: 12 m.
Cerinte speciale – ancorarea antenei .
  Nivelco's instruments:



  2006 - Republica cehă – BETA Olomouc - Přelouč, Fabrica de ceramică - 2006, :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA s.r.o.
Material de masurat: materiale solide, Ciment
Domeniul de masurare: 13 m .
Conditii speciale: nu sunt.
  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK – Radar condus


  2005 - Almex 96 KFT., Békéscsaba, Hungary,
EchoTREK transmitters measure the lumpy tomato in a ketchup factory. The grinded tomato juice and then the processed pure juice are measured with NIVOPRESS D hydrostatic level transmitters placed in the bottom of the tanks. The measured values are displayed with UNICONT PMG indicators.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEA -380 - 3 pcs
      NIVOPRESS DTF-531 - 5 pcs
      UNICONT PMG-411 - 9 pcs


  2005 - Ungaria, KV Kft, Berente,
Măsurarea nivelului cimentului în staţie de preparare betoane. H= 10 m   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-310-4 radar TDR(2 buc.)
      MultiCONT PEW-120-1 (comunicaţie HART ) (1 buc.)


  2005 - Polonia, PIPE-LIFE, :: Distributor: NIVELCO-POLAND
Măsurarea nivelului pentru granule şi pulberi de materiale plastice, H=8 şi 16m  Nivelco's instruments:

      10 X SID-330
      5 X SMW-368


  2005 - Japonia, Minami Nihon Kumiai Feed Co, :: Distributor: TOWA-Seiden Industry. Co., Ltd.
La firma Minami Nihon Kumiai Feed Co care produce hrană pentru animale sunt aplicate traductoare de nivel NIVELCO EchoTREK ultrasonice compacte montate pe 80 de silozuri a fabricii In silozuri (cu forme slabe) unde sunt depozitate cereale, cereale măcinate, substanţe chimice şi hrană pentru animale. Nivelul granulelor sus menţionate sunt măsurate cu traductoare ultrasonice şi cu ajutorul sistemului HART multidrop.   Nivelco's instruments:

      80 EchoTREK
      10 MultiCONT
87,742Read more ... EchoTREK la 80 de silozuri într-o fabrică de hrană pentru animale - Japonia  


  2005 - Germantown, Ohio USA, :: Distributor: Hitech
Măsurare nivel lichide  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVELCO MultiCONT PEC-118-1
      EasyTREK SPA-34N-4 traductor ultrasonic compact (cu electronică integrată)
87,843Read more ... Succesul MultiCONT în USA   


  2005 - Brazilia, capitala São Paulo , :: Distributor: Nivetec
Supraveghere a cotelor de atenţionare la apă reziduală Conditii speciale: nu sunt   Nivelco's instruments:

      Sistem ultrasonic dual SIA+SMD


  2005 - Brazilia, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo State , :: Distributor: Nivetec
Aplicatie: Cerinte speciale de supraveghere a nivelului apei intr-o plantatie de trestie de zahar: numai pentru o protectie impotriva supraincalzirii solare.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK 2-fire SEP-380


  2005 - CEHIA, :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA
Aplicaţie cu senzori ultrasonici, măsurare nivel solide. Cariera de lângă oraşul Tišnov. Societatea Kamenolom ROSA.   Nivelco's instruments:

      Tipul echipamentului utilizat: EchoTREK STD-34J-1 - senzor compact ultrasonic pentru măsurare nivel solide


  2005 - Brazilia, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo State , :: Distributor: Nivetec
Măsurare de nivel cu ajutorul unui canal de 4” Parshall. Condiţii speciale: nu sunt.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STA-380-2 pentru masurare de nivel.


  2005 - CEHIA, :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA
Măsurare de nivel lichide şi în industria apei menajere. Fabrica: COV Olomouc (apă menajeră).   Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCA-380
87,748Read more ... Aplicaţii Nivelco în perioada 2005-2006 în domeniul tratării apei Menajere  


  2005 - Suedia , :: Distributor: EXAC Industriteknik AB
O parte dintre EchoTREK-uri sunt montate în concasor (spărgător) celelalte sunt montate după cortina de lanţ şi tot sistemul monitorizează existenţa pietrei pe palnia de încărcare / de alimentare. Domeniu de măsurare este aprox. 8,5 m.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD-34J


  2005 - CEHIA, Opatovice, :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA
Carieră de piatră lângă Opatovice la societatea Kaenolom Opatovice. Măsurare nivel la pietriş cu traductor ultrasonic.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD 34J-1


  2005 - Brazilia, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo State , :: Distributor: Nivetec
Măsurarea nivelului de grâu in industria alimentară. Condiţii speciale: nu sunt  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD 339-1


  2005 - CEHIA , :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA
Fabrică de preparare betoane. Măsurare de nivel ciment. Localiate: oraşul Jihlava.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD-34J-1


  2005 - CEHIA, :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA
Măsurare de nivel lichide - în industria chimică. Fabrica: OMGD Kaznějov - producător de acid citric.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCA-380
      MicroTREK TDR radar
      PiloTREK FMCW radar


  2005 - Malayezia, :: Distributor: Perdana Ind. Instr. SDN. BHD
Radarele TDR Nivelco folosite la 80 de rezervoare pentru ulei de palmier în Malayezia.   Nivelco's instruments:

      80 MultiCONT PRC-12A-2
      80 MicroTREK ABM-A16-3
      THERMOCONT TTH-512-4
87,744Read more ... Traductorul radar NIVELCO măsoară nivelul în 80 de rezervoare cu ulei de palmier - Malaesia  


  2004 - Cement plant, Hungary,
In a cement factory near Budapest EasyTREK SCD ultrasonic level transmitters are used for continuous level measurement of two 20 m (65.5 ft) high limestone grit storage silos. Additional NIVOCONT R Vibrating Rod level switches with cable extension are responsible for high fail-safe indication. Despite the harsh, heavy-duty environment the instruments meet the requirements and perform reliable operation.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SBD-33J-3 – 2 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKK-302-5 – 2 pcs


  2004 - Ungaria, Mina MERt - Bükkábrányi,
Sesizarea dereglărilor benzilor rulante, rulare laterală  Nivelco's instruments:

      40 buc. senzori ultrasonici MICROSONAR URS-213


  2004 - Ungaria, MERt Uzina de mină din Bükkábrány,
Monitorizarea abaterii laterale a benzii rulante în mina de la Bükkábrány cu ajutorul celor 40 de bucăţi de traduductoare ultrasonice de distanţă. (MICROSONAR URS-213)   Nivelco's instruments:



  2004 - POLONIA, Fabrica de zahar din Świdnica , :: Distributor: Nivelco Poland
Domeniul de masurare: 1,5 m
Mediul: zahar
In conditii de schimbare rapida de nivel. Este amplasata intr-o cutie care este deasupra masinii de impachetat.
  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK ABR-O15-2


  2004 - POLONIA, Fabrica de Ciment CHEŁM, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Poland
Domeniul de masurare: 15m Mediul: nisip, ciment  Nivelco's instruments:

      5x MicroTREK ABL-H15-2


  2004 - Corea, Airportul din Seoul , :: Distributor: HITROL Co. Ltd.
Prin operaţiunea de nivelare, manipularea de 15 milioane m3 de pămant era controlată de către Nivelco's Nivosonar.   Nivelco's instruments:

      30 SID-33J + SMM traductoare
87,700Read more ... Aplicaţia cu succes a traductoarelor ultrasonice NIVOSONAR la proiectul de extindere a aeroportului din Seoul - Corea  


  2004 - Ungaria, Cariere de bazalt, Uzsa,
Măsurare de nivel în silozuri de pietriş, sesizare la gurile de alimentare de la morile de piatră  Nivelco's instruments:

      10 buc. NIVOSONAR SSD228 traductor ultrasonic pentru măsurare nivel
      10 buc. NIVOSONAR cu microcontroller U140
      6 buc. NIVOSONAR UCT 100 comuator de nivel ultrasonic


  2004 - Austria, Wopfinger at Wopfing, :: Distributor: CONTRA Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Măsurarea continuă a nivelului cu traductoare de nivel - cu radar cu contact direct - MicroTREK (cu 2 sau 4 conductori ) pe 22 de silozuri cu pietre măcinate. Domeniu de măsurare: 13 m Electrod de măsură: d=8 mm cablu din oţel Echipamentul este echipat cu o sursă de alimentare exterioară (Echipamentul este cu 4 conductori şi cu ieşire de 4-20 mA + HART)   Nivelco's instruments:

      22 buc de traductoare de nivel MicroTREK
87,701Read more ... Tencuiala din Austria fabricat cu ajutorul radarelor NIVELCO   


  2004 - Ungaria, Apă menajeră de la Kenézlő ,
In buncăr pt. apă menajeră comanda pompei hidroforice cu EasyTREK SCA-360 şi măsurarea debitului (al volumului) cu 380 de traductore de nivel EasyTREK cu un suport special în formă de V   Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCA-360
      EasyTREK SPA-380


  2004 - POLONIA, Fabrica de zahar din Otmuchów, :: Distributor: Nivelco Poland
Domeniul de masurare: 5m Mediul: carbune, calcar  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD-34J


  2004 - Ungaria, Ocrotirea Mediului SRL a Ungariei de Nord, (Sajóbábony),
Măsurarea nivelelor rezervoarelor de materiale periculoase cu traductoare de nivel EchoTREK SEB-365-6 Ex şi SEB-380-6 Ex şi comutare de avarie la nivel maxim cu comutator de nivel NIVOSWITCH RCM-402-8 Ex denumit Furcă Vibratoare.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEB-365-6 Ex
      EchoTREK SEB-380-6 Ex
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-402-8 Ex


  2003 - Suedia, :: Distributor: EXAC Industriteknik AB
Monitorizarea echipamentelor (care macină pietre în carierele de piatră) cu traductorul ultrasonic EchoTREK   Nivelco's instruments:

      12 buc de traductoare EchoTREK STD-34J


Domeniul de masurare: 2,5 m
Mediul: 36% HCl
  Nivelco's instruments:



Domeniul de masurare: 4m
Mediul: poliol
Masurarea componentilor chimicali la EKOCHEM
  Nivelco's instruments:



Domeniul de masurare: 15 Mediul: granule de faina   Nivelco's instruments:



  2001 - Finlanda, Fabrica CHEMIKA FERTILISER, :: Distributor: PEAB
Măsurare nivel la materiale solide în vrac  Nivelco's instruments:


Domeniul de masurare: 8m Mediul: calcaros  Nivelco's instruments:



Domeniul de masurare: 15m
Mediul: granule din plastic, PE
  Nivelco's instruments:



  2000 - POLONIA, ZUGIL,
Domeniul de masurare: 2,5m
Mediul: HCl
  Nivelco's instruments:

      SSA-244 + SMM-223


  2000 - Steephelt Ltd., Marea Britanie, :: Distributor: AFRISO-EUROGAUGE Ltd.
Măsurarea nivelelor cu traductoare ultrasonice la fabrica QUARRY INDUSTRY Sunt silozuri şi rezervoare de diferite forme şi mărimi  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD-34J


  1999 - -,
-  Nivelco's instruments:


  1997 - POLONIA, Fabrica de zahar din RACIBÓRZ,
Domeniul de masurare: 3,5 m Mediul: sirop de zahar fierbinte -este folosit traductorul STA270   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STA-270


  1997 - Ungaria, Mina de la Mányi ,
Măsurarea nivelului de cărbune de pe banda rulantă   Nivelco's instruments:

      Traductor Nivosonar S-200


Domeniul de masurare: 3m
Mediul: apa fierbinte
Intr-un mediu foarte umed pt. masurarea nivelului intr-un turn de racire.
  Nivelco's instruments:



  1997 - Siria,
Măsurarea continuă a nivelului cu traductor ultrasonic (NIVOSONAR) a silozurilor de cereale cu înălţimea de 40m   Nivelco's instruments:

      240 de sisteme care sunt alcătuite din SSD 228 (receptoare ultrasonice) şi SMM (unităţi de prelucrare a semnalelor)


  1996 - Ungaria, Burto-Apta Fabrică de porţelan, Hódmezővárásrhely,
Domeniu de măsurare: 4m Mediu: pastă porţelan Montaj înălţat pentru eliminarea zonei moarte.  Nivelco's instruments:

      traductor ultrasnonic EchoTREK SBA-244
      26 buc.


  1996 - Shinfi, Japonia, :: Distributor: Yamatake Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.
Acid sulfuric + Acid azotic în rezervoare de 5-6 m înălţime   Nivelco's instruments:


  1996 - Ungaria, Carieră de piatră de la Komló,
Pietre măcinate 12m   Nivelco's instruments:

      8 bucăţi


  1995 - Germania, :: Distributor: Nivelco Messtechnik
Măsurarea continuă a nivelului cu traductor compact ultrasonic la rezervoarele cu acid folosite în uzinele chimice   Nivelco's instruments:

      32 buc. STA 262 de traductoare ultrasonice


  1995 - Corea, :: Distributor: Hitech
La sistemele de irigare comanda ecluzei cu traductor compact ultrasonic.   Nivelco's instruments:

      32 buc de STA 240 Traductor compact ultrasonic


  1994 - Ungaria, Fabrica de medicamente de la Tiszavasvari,
Măsurare nivel la toluol   Nivelco's instruments:

      3 buc. NIVOSONAR UE 61 EX traductor ultrasonic pentru măsurare nivel
      3 buc. NIVOSONAR U140 EX microcontroller


  1994 - Israel- Saad -Sayfan, :: Distributor: GALOZ Electronics
Granule plastice, adancimea 12 m, 8 buc. Masurarea nivelului in rezervoare cu traductoare ultrasonice  Nivelco's instruments:



  1992 - Ungaria, Termocentrala Tisza,
Măsurare de nivel la siloz de cărbune  Nivelco's instruments:

      8 buc. NIVOSONAR UE 100 traductor ultrasonic cu microcontroler MPV8 (U 140)


  1984 - Ungaria, Fűzfő (Nitrokémia),
Containere cu înălţime de 5m HCL  Nivelco's instruments:

      Traductoare ultrasonice şi controler cu mai multe căi


  - - -, :: Distributor: -
-  Nivelco's instruments:


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